What Kind of Programming is for You


Are you in the tech biz but don’t know what type of programming is best for you?


The answer to your problem is similar to a writer who has writer’s block. When a writer doesn’t know what to do, the only quick solution is to write more. Hence, to discover which part of coding you enjoy doing the most, the best thing for you to do is code!


As advised by Avi Flombaum, Co-Founder and Dean at Flatiron School, learning to build your own program will give you a first-hand experience about the ups and downs of programming. You’ll learn what is most difficult as you would find out which part you do the most. When it frustrates you to no end, then possibly, programming is not for you. Call it a little experiment; this test drive will shed the light to your dilemma. The best teacher is experience, after all. Also, you’ll get tons of practice from this personal tech exercise (especially when you’re in the process of finding and fixing a lot of bugs).


As Flombaum said, don’t overthink it and get right into it. Don’t worry about the framework or language yet. This point is reinstated by Wade Christensen in his blog, TeamTreeHouse, saying that if you’re wondering how to choose a programming language… you don’t. He considers choosing a program a big obstacle simply because people always lack the info that backs their decisions. What you can do, according to Christensen, is to think of a specific goal you want to achieve with coding. Hence, back to Flombaum’s point -- start building your own program and see where it takes you.


What’s important is that you will be able to grasp the program the way you can. Eventually, you’ll be able to reveal whether you enjoy front or back-end development or building apps.

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