LinkedIn: 3 Most Hired IT jobs in the Philippines


As you already know, IT jobs are the highest paid positions in the country. Last May, CNN Philippines released an article which lists the 10 most hired jobs in the Philippines, according to LinkedIn. Since we want to concentrate on IT pros, we’ve plucked the three occupations that will clue you in as to which direction you should take. This, hopefully, would give you the right motivation to get more IT certifications and practice more IT skills to help boost your skills.


Software Developer
Fortunately for tech developers everywhere, this job is an all-time favourite simply because it’s so useful and always relevant. If you’re a software developer, these specific skills are most hunted by recruiters: Struts, Maven, SOAP, SQL, and Java Script. Companies are going to need you whether they’re a startup or an established business.

IT Support Specialist
Because we always need IT pros to save the day. Unix, Customer Service, Technical Support, Software Development, and Financial Analysis -- these skills will put you on the spotlight for sure. What’s great about this position is that you will get hired regardless of the business field. As long as a company uses technology, the chances are -- they’re going to need your help.

IT Consultant
This is a job, of course, that are best fit for those who have been in the industry far longer than the average IT pro. Consultants require a broader set of skills -- skills that are outside tech, that is. For instance, you might need to meet and talk with clients. You might also need to create appealing presentations for certain projects. According to LinkedIn, IT consultants that get hired have these following skills: SAP Implementation, Data Migration, Consulting, SAP Netweaver, and SAP ERP.

Now that you know which jobs to pick and specialize in, all you need to do is work on creating a stellar resume! If you’re interested into other IT-related jobs, feel free to explore the website and use our special skill matrix tool. Get hired today!

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