Look Out for these Upcoming Technology Trends this 2017


There’s no doubt about it. 2016 has proved to be at its prime in the digital age. This year, we have witnessed technological breakthroughs such as reusable rockets, the DNA app store, the Tesla Autopilot, and the list goes on. However, 2017 still holds a bright future for more technological discoveries.


Watch out for these technology trends this upcoming year:


AI and advanced machine learning

Artificial intelligence and advanced learning are not fairy tales anymore. This year already hinted how AI and advanced machine learning would dominate the future. In 2017, you will encounter technologies that can understand, learn, predict, and operate on their own. So, do not get surprised if your phone shows you the future of IT careers in the Philippines. The market for this trend could reach $5.05 billion by 2020.


Smarter virtual assistants

You’re already interacting with virtual assistants via Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. Or in the case of Iron Man, he has Jarvis and Friday. 2017, however, will bring you closer to having your own Jarvis. You can look forward to easier daily routines, such as accomplishing your banking, sending emails for business, and more. Specifically, tech companies will focus on three areas: advanced analytics, autonomous business processes, and continuous interfaces. Grand View Research stated that the market for virtual assistants can reach up to $12.28 billion by 2024.


Virtual and augmented reality

Your favorite games will no longer stay within the corners of your screen. In virtual reality, you will experience everything first hand. You will defend your towers with your hands instead of just your mouse and keyboard. This will also helpful for rigorous training for firefighters, policemen, and other professions. Meanwhile, augmented reality will help businesses to have a more entertaining presentation of data science. For instance, they would be able to present house models where the clients can see what is behind a certain concrete. IDC predicts that revenues for this trend will grow up to $162 billion worldwide.


Intelligent things via IOT

Robots, drones, autonomous vehicles -- all of these are examples of intelligent things that have been gaining traction thanks to the Internet of Things (IOT). IOT’s evolution will make room for more digital businesses, thus, positively affecting the marketing sector. In the future, your gadgets would start communicating with one another to accomplish certain tasks. Markets and Markets assume that the total market of intelligent things will increase up to $661.74 billion.


Digital Twins

A “Digital Twin” does not mean you could have a living twin in a different dimension. It means that any physical object will have a twin in the digital world. For example, if you want to examine a machine, you can access the exact physical object digitally without tampering the hardware. It will also feature the same properties, state, motion, and shape. Although there is no sufficient data to predict how much the market will increase, it’s a certainty that the Digital twin will become the bridge between the physical and the digital world.


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