The Main Challenges for the Millennial Tech Job Hunter


Want inside intel on what it’s like to be an IT recruiter? You might be curious as to what they base their judgments on hiring web developers or graphic designers or SEO specialists. Thankfully, we’ve talked to two Millennial tech job hunters for this article, and hopefully, we’d get a sneak peak about what’s really happening in the hiring process.


“Everything has to be fast-paced…”

With the current trends in technology, according to our source, it’s quite difficult to cope with the speed of how technologies are changing. It’s almost a 0-100 situation; one moment you’ll be working on the newest language or software, and in a short span of a year, that language can be outdated. That means that not only do the candidates have to be familiar about these new tech advancements, but recruiters have to know about them as well. Thankfully, there are still companies that employ older technologies and would provide training and education to make way for the current and new ones.


“Newer technology means less people use it...”

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to hire people who are very apt with these new technologies, and not only that--they cost more. The same goes for older technology. In fact, developers know their worth and how important the tools they use. That being said, this can be good advice for people who want to know which languages they should focus on, if you want to have that edge against other programmers, it’s best to either know a really old or a really new language.


“Universities don’t keep their syllabus updated...”

One of the many struggles of being an IT/tech recruiter is that some universities fail to update their learning material. For instance, some institutions still use obsolete languages such as Tubo C. What’s frustrating about this is that recruiters know they cannot just blame the university or the student when this happens. If such is the case in your current university, it’s time to do self-studying or better yet, propose an updated syllabus for your school.


“Some developers can be very demanding…”

We all know that tech people are in demand. Their skills are very vital and most companies do not shy away from giving well-deserving, potential employees their asking price. However, at times, for recruiters, they hope to see a little bit of humility -- especially for inexperienced or fresh grad web developers or programmers. That’s why, if you’re aiming for that big post with the big salary, you have to learn to start small. Build your resume and climb your way up to the top!


As you can see, recruiters are faced with different difficulties when they’re looking for the right candidate. Also, it’s not as simple as picking one talent over another. Even recruiters have a responsibility to be learned in the IT field. Now that you’re aware of their criteria, it’s your turn to use this information to your benefit. Happy job hunting!


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