What Mid to Senior Level IT Pros Should Know


We’re not going to play coy. The typical tips for job-hunters are so cliche and most are directed towards beginners. What do you when you’re experienced and you’re aiming for a higher position? You’re gunning for a tenured position and it’s going to take a little bit more than confidence to get you through.


Here are three distinct ways to make sure that you will stand out from competition.

First: Build your connections

Networking might have a bad reputation here in the Philippines, but when it comes to job hunting -- it’s almost as vital as creating a good CV. Networking isn’t just exclusive to those quick money making schemes. In the business world, it’s called building bridges and making strong connections with people. For instance, it’s not enough to just be friends on Facebook or connect through LinkedIn. To make real impressions on people, it’s about meeting them face to face and getting to know them better. Unfortunately, you cannot work on networking if you’re just sitting on your desk all day. Hence, join communities and organizations, attend seminars and workshops to get to know more people who are working in the same industry. These people will always teach you something new and different in the industry. The best job offers can come from referrals; a new acquaintance may be the key to your next big opportunity.

Second: Step out of your comfort zone and LEAD

If you want to make sure your CV stands out and gets noticed by recruiters -- and make you an even bigger IT celebrity in the industry, you’ve got to really put yourself out there. No longer shall you just attend these seminars and orgs. This time, you step up and conduct the workshop yourself. You’ve got to show that you’ve managed to hold a big event that is related to your skills. For instance, you can host learning sessions within your company. Do consultation services for other people. Volunteer to speak for seminars and other IT-related activities. Not only will you be able to establish your authority and knowledge, but being active in the community will definitely give you an edge because you are relevant and people know you.


As you can see, it’s more than just doing the daily grind at work. If you want to be able to transfer to a better company in the near future, you’ve got to shine in the workplace. You’ve got to push yourself to do more than what you’re required to do. With these two tips, it wouldn’t take long for you to get that phone call you’ve been waiting for.

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