What Motivates Tech Professionals?


Motivation is a tricky thing; it can make or break someone’s performance. If you notice your good employee running out of steam or if you think they’re about to suffer a burnout stage, or if you don’t want them to reach that point, it’s best to be prepared. So whether you’re a recruiter, IT professional manager, or a job hunter looking for a reason to work long hours -- here are seven reasons to keep you on your toes. Check out the list below!

Cash, cash, cash!

We can’t pretend this is not the No.1 motivation of almost every working employee. It’s no secret, after all, that IT jobs are the highest paid in the country right now. You shouldn’t be surprised that your loyal employees should ask for a raise or potential employees ask for above average salaries. 

Applying skills to new challenges
Most regular IT jobs are rather predictable and systematic. When they are stuck with their usual tasks day in and day out, their skills and interest will eventually deteriorate. Giving them new responsibilities will add variety to their routine, and will no doubt challenge them. Give an employee a new task they can accomplish and they’ll be more than eager to show-off their ability to reach this new goal! 

Can they lead or make an impact in the workplace? 

That being said, when you give employees big and attainable goals, you are giving them the chance to shine. The office should be a place where they have the chance to lead and make a lasting impact in the workplace. Would they have the opportunity to leave a legacy? When employees know these things are possible in the workplace, they will surely be motivated to always go the extra mile. 

Somewhere they can be appreciated

Do you give praise where it’s due? An important IT tip is saying thanks or acknowledging employees during meetings or events. When employees know their hard work is being rewarded, they won’t hesitate to do better -- especially if it’s something that will make them proud of their employment in the company. 

Will they be able to chill in the long run? 

Great employees thrive in an environment where they can be in their element. Besides a regular paycheck, would employees be able to be themselves, and eventually live a comfortable life as they put in months and years of their life working there? Work doesn’t have to be synonymous to torture, after all. 

Culture fit matters

Are your employees in a comfortable working area? Do they get along with their officemates? Managers know it’s important to hire people who will get along with each other. Hence, you should be on the lookout when it comes to your team’s dynamic. Is there someone slacking off or causing rifts in the group? You may lose a valuable asset to your team if you’re unaware of these toxic habits. Telltale signs may be some of your employees aren’t as active or talkative as they were. 

The pursuit of happiness 

When an employee achieves a handful of these motivational factors, you can expect that he or she would feel rather accomplished and happy. Progress in and out of the office, a consistent work-and-life balance -- these are most vital ingredients to keep your IT team positive and productive.
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