Do you need a resume revamp? Tips to help you maximize your CV


We’ve pointed it out before and we’ll say it again: regularly updating or reviewing your CV is vital to your tech career — even if you’re not trying to find a job. And since we advise you do this on the norm, here’s another article to help you out. 


Restructure your CV for the extra boost

Your CV must reflect the job that you want. Are you leaving out important skills and experience on your CV? Make sure the right skills are highlighted — especially if you’re in tech. Don’t think that you’re bragging; recruiters and hiring managers can simply glance at your resume and decide then and there if you’re going to the next stage.. or not. 


Have more than one version of your CV

Aside from creating a tailored CV for each job you want, you can also create two versions of your main CV: a skills summary CV (a sort of teaser), which would usually be a single pager. The next one would be your comprehensive resume, where each job post would have a detailed list of everything that you did for the job. This being said, all versions of your CV must show all the valuable information you have. 


Get the right keywords from the right sources

Seeing as your CV must lead to your target role, you have to use the right words in your CV to attract potential employers. To do this, you can go through different job boards in search of the job you want. Check the descriptions and find the different skills they are looking for. Now, compare to your CV. Is it reflecting the same skills and accomplishments?


The design counts

The visual appeal of your resume is another factor to consider. It’s not enough to fill it with information and cross your fingers that recruiters or hiring managers would read it thoroughly. An efficient CV design will be able to highlight or distinguish the most important parts of your CV. Hence, make sure all labels and sections are clear and readable. 


Enhancing your job search with your CV

Moving forward, it’s a must to accomplish something in your workplace, a legacy that you can look back to should you need to do another resume revamp. Doing this will help you reevaluate what you really want out of your resume. Also, never underestimate the power of your CV; it’s amazing how a few pieces of paper can take you places and summarise all your skills. 


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