EU Philippine Health Sector Reform Contract BIHC, Department of Health, Bldg 3
Manila City

   101- 200 Employees
    Monday - Friday
          8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Company Description

EPOS Health Management is a leading health management firm working globally to improve the quality and accessibility of health services and systems. We combine internationally recognized expertise with proven technical and management excellence to result in cost-effective solutions for public and private organizations.

Since 2004, the European Union (EU) has been supporting the Philippines Health Sector through several Budget Support Programmes for a total amount of about EUR 130 million or 5.5 Billion Peso.
The overall objective of the new budget support program, the Philippine Health Sector Reform Contract (PHSRC; 2014-2018) with a total budget of EUR 30 million or 1.3 Billion Peso is: "To contribute to the Philippines' achievement of inclusive growth and poverty reduction, and improving democratic and economic governance".
The budget support programme is complemented by a flexible demand driven Technical Assistance (TA) Programme, implemented by EPOS Health Management.

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