Promote your IT skills!


Is it enough to always show up in the workplace to get “noticed” by your boss? Sometimes, you might be doing your best at work but you feel like you’re still lightyears away from a promotion. Although it pays to always be proactive in your disposition and work life, you can actually self promote your skills and make sure you won’t be ignored in your career.


First thing’s first, however, because you’ve got to make sure it’s something you want and you’re wholeheartedly going to pursue. You’ve got to be sure it’s what you want and you’re going to commit to this


Plan up
It’s not enough to just want it and hope it’ll happen. In order to execute your plan, you’ve got to prepare. As usual, you have to do research. What are the latest trends in the IT industry? What are the most in demand IT skills this year? What IT certifications do you need to get to be more appealing to recruiters or your current boss? If it helps, talk to IT professionals to ask about their career strategies.

Ready your material
Now that you’re packed with information, the next step would be to figure out how to present your material. How would you “sell” your skills? It’s time to think of a tagline. For starters, what got you into IT? It’s time to infuse your knowledge and your passion together and come up with that great tagline. Be sure to have your CV and online portfolio to back up your credentials. From your research, take note of the most used IT keywords and infuse that into your “brand”.

Take action
Are you talking to someone you know who can acknowledge or make use of your skills? Or is it that you will get the chance to talk to someone you want to impress? Having an elevator speech is the answer for you. An elevator speech is an introductory speech made in the short span of time from riding the top of an elevator to the bottom of a building. This should be delivered in a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes. This means you’ve got to say all the vital stuff while sounding interesting. It must be short and concise.


What should be in your elevator speech?
Don’t forget your respectful and quirky greeting. Always introduce yourself. Mention your school, and say if you’re graduating soon. Now would be the time to say your catchy tagline. What makes you different from other IT pros? It’s your time to shine!

Finally, have a positive attitude and trust yourself. Remember, you can always up your game as long as you believe in yourself. To make sure you’re always in sync with IT-related stuff, frequent the website for the latest IT job opportunities and read our tech blogs for the latest in the IT industry. Good luck!

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