The Recruiter Gaze


The Recruiter Gaze

You know how the importance of a good CV is and we’ve given you advice about it a few times already, but would you like to know what recruiters really check when they look at your profile? Because we want you to get the best tech jobs out there, we’ve rubbed elbows with tech recruiters to ask them about the real deal and here’s what they had to say:


Your most recent role
Whether your current or last job experience ended in a good or bad way, it matters to us. It says a lot about you as an applicant. If you’re working in the same industry, for example, it gives the recruiter leverage to ask you if your responsibilities and skills match the ones they’re aiming to hire for now. On the other hand, if you’re opting for a different industry, it will make the recruiter think of the reason why you decided to jump ship.

Your skills
Of course, relevancy to the role is what matters most with regards to the interview. Are your skills the right ones they’re looking for? This is where you have to be a little more specific with your role in terms of using the right keywords to use in your CV. Keep your CV simple and use the most general terms used by the community — no need to sugarcoat anything.

Your dates

Like many other recruiters, they have to know what went on during your gaps between one job from another. Whatever your reasons are, these numbers reflect a lot about your personality as an employee. In tech, where the job is a continuous challenge, recruiters have to determine whether you’re the type to give up easily or the type who perseveres. This is why when you’re signing up with a company, be sure that it’s something you’re ready to commit to — even when the going gets tough.


Polish your CV today

We hope that this write up will give you time to prepare better for your next application, and hopefully, give you more confidence when it comes to presenting your skills. We also advise to keep your profile updated to make sure potential recruiters can see your status!


If you’re still looking for the right career opportunity, look no further as you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got countless tech jobs waiting for you and you can use our special skill-matrix tool to get that perfect job-skill match. Cheers and happy job hunting!


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