#RecruiterProblems: Why are you losing IT candidates after your offer?

Being a recruiter has its ups and downs. There are times when you feel overwhelmed by the pressure of handling too many walk-in or online applicants, and there are moments when it seems like there’s not a single candidate for you at all. What’s even more frustrating, however, is when you found the perfect IT candidate and you’ve already given your offer, but they suddenly don’t show up the next day. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Here are a few reasons why your potential candidates are starting to disappear on you:



They got a better offer elsewhere.  
Yes, you didn’t show them the money, and someone else did--especially if they know that the position is way up high in the best paid IT jobs in the Philippines.




They didn't like the work environment.
IT pros don’t want to work in a toxic or dirty office. Is the IT station a dump, or does it look like it’s somewhere they can hang out and consider a second home? Are the people nice or were they snobbish when you gave the tech pro a tour? If you want them to stay, it better be somewhere worth staying!



You’ve been sketchy about the deal.

If you’re trying to sugarcoat everything about the job (because you know it’s not a good one), it won’t take long for a candidate to catch on. Are you being honest about the tasks, the compensations, the promises and the schedule?



You weren’t willing to negotiate.

So, they asked too high--it doesn’t mean you automatically have to scratch their names off the list. There are other ways to negotiate. Besides, if they really deserve their pay, especially if they have the experience and skills to boot, why not?




You were being strange.

You said something unprofessional. You asked an inappropriate question. You were sleeping because the interview was super early. You tweaked his or her CV (yes, this can happen). Or maybe you were too friendly/borderline creepy because you knew too much about them.



The job sounded boring.

You mean you said all they had to do was work countless hours in the weak without looking forward to special IT trainings or a promotion? Yay, said no one. Even if their job is much defined, it wouldn’t hurt to add a little pizzazz to draw them in.



You don’t speak tech.

When even a fresh graduate knows more about the job than you do, it may show just how much uninterested you really are to hire them. Brush up on your tech tems now!


Want to avoid these mishaps? Ask a colleague to join you for a mock interview and get an evaluation. If you want to hire the best IT pros in the business, you’ve got to do your best not to drive them away!


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