Your IT Recruitment Habits: The good and the bad


Whether or not you’ve been an IT recruiter for a long time or if you’re just about to embark on this new position, it’s a must to prepare or assess your recruitment skills. And as always, it’s one thing to look at your strengths, but it’s better to check your weaknesses. What are you doing right? What are you doing wrong? Here are few examples to help you check recruitment strategies.


GOOD: Getting personal
We’ve previously mentioned that it’s great to be nice and friendly to candidates and make them feel at ease--whether or not it’s a candidate you’re gunning for. For instance, it’s okay to smile at them when they drop in for interviews, and you can send them messages that are also casual (without forgetting the important details, at least). However, take note of the next point:

BAD: Getting TOO personal
Yes. It’s definitely bad if you’re crossing the lines. As a recruiter, it may come easy to you to talk to people and get them to open up and you might get too familiar with a candidate. Remember, there are certain questions you can NOT ask them--especially if it’s not work-related. That being said, you might be over-stalking their social media accounts to find out more info about them…

GOOD: Using your personal accounts to recruit
Then again, it’s a plus if you’re using your personal social media accounts to widen your candidate reach. IT people are mostly online and of course you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of their recent updates on Facebook or LinkedIn. However…

BAD: not using other channels
If you’re solely dependent on online applications social media accounts or just through online job portals, you’re missing out! Even if it’s the online age, remember the Filipinos most especially, are obsessed with their phones. You HAVE to pick up the phone and get their lines ringing and not sit all day waiting for text message or email replies.

GOOD: being proactive
Recruiting isn’t a walk in the park. It can be a very demanding post, especially if it’s a rare IT job or a very in-demand post, because you’ll only want to hire the best. It’s always great to have a positive outlook in each interview or interaction with the candidate. You must have templates of your emails and texts to be ready, for sure. Then again...

BAD: being a broken record
Are you sounding too scripted? Do you think the candidate has heard your introduction or job post spiel for the hundredth time already? One way to make sure potential IT pros remember you from all the other IT recruiters who are probably giving them the same “work for us” speech, is to have your own, unique approach. Be a little creative in enticing the tech pro to sign your offer and work for the company. Think about it: no one wants to read, hear, or eat the same thing all the time.


GOOD: Doing updates before the interview
As usual, it’s only a must to have complete details of your office address, contact numbers, or any other requirements the candidate needs for a face to face interview. If you’re sending these updates through their preferred channel, even better. Let’s say you’ve got a forgetful candidate in your hands, you just wouldn’t want them to miss their interview. If you’re very thorough, good job!

BAD: Giving closure after the interview
Then again, being a persistent recruiter before they go to the interview is normal. It’s all part of the job. The real test of your sincerity (which many fail, unfortunately) is if you go out of your way to tell the candidate--no matter how good or bad he/she has been, why things didn’t work out. If you can do it in a polite and professional manner, you will do them a solid if you tell them how they could do better at their next job hunt. It never hurts for them to try again, really.

GOOD: Keeping up the good work
You’re an awesome IT recruiter and you know it. You’re bringing in great hires and you’re on a roll. You’re impressing your boss and your colleagues. There’s nothing wrong, so why fix something that isn’t broken?

BAD: settling for good instead of better
Basically, your adventure as an IT recruiter will only be as exciting as you want it to be. Do you feel like you could do something more? Do you feel like your schedule is too piled up for you to do anything else? It may be time to reevaluate your priorities and try new recruiter strategies.

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