Recruitment Tip: When You Can't Speak IT


We’ve already given tips on hiring the best tech in the biz, and one of those tips was to “Speak IT”. But what do you do when you’ve just started to do this and have zero background in tech recruitment? Oh, the horror! What must the candidates think? Will you be able to recruit anyone if they figure out they know more about the job post than you do?


Learn through the candidate
It’s kinda sneaky, but it just might work. The best way to learn is through experience, and most of these tech pros might have already been doing this far longer than you’ve been an interviewer. Ask them to tell you what they know. With their CV at hand, you can always cross-check facts and ask them to support their statements with stories about how they accomplished it. The more they explain the work process, you’ll be able to catch terms and phrases that you’ll be using for the rest of your tech interviewer days. Hence, don’t forget to take down notes! These small jotted down phrases might be vital to the hiring manager if you really think they made the cut.

Also, asking the IT candidate to talk a lot would also help you to evaluate how confident they are of their skills. Experienced people wouldn’t even need you to ask the questions sometimes, as they would volunteer the knowledge themselves. That’s why you’ve got to be all ears and attentive to the way they market themselves to you.

Take a personal approach
IT people are always in front of computers and the last thing they need is a stiff interview. If you want them to really open up (there are the inevitable shy types, after all), you’ve got to warm up the conversation and stir it to the direction where they would be comfortable enough to actually tell you what they know. For instance, what are the reasons why they want to choose this job? Does his or her reasons align with the company or the hiring manager’s briefing?

Review, interview, repeat
What’s great about lack of knowledge is that it’s a curable sickness. You always have the chance to learn. For starters, you can study popular tech lingo to help you get on your feet. Research by talking to IT people in your own company and finally, keep on interviewing tech professionals. The more you talk to them, the more you’ll get a grasp of how they use and apply these terms. The trick is to never stop pursuing tech knowledge, seeing as how this always evolves and changes.

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No one is born with all the tech knowledge -- at least not anyone we know, so you’ve got to acknowledge the fact that you’ve got to start somewhere. Don’t let your lack of experience hold you back or hinder you from interacting and interviewing the best IT professionals.

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