Recruitment Tips: Optimize Your Job Postings for Tech Professionals

Optimize Your Job Postings for Tech Professionals


Creating a job post is one of the first steps in the recruitment process. Having a compelling one is a major key to grabbing the attention of the right candidates and closing that job position. It can get tricky to find the right balance that would get the attention of not only the active job seekers but also the passive ones who are just as important.


Having a captivating job posting doesn't have to be complicated. You just have to know what your target readers are looking for and put those elements in. In most cases, even the basics would suffice, but adding a bit more information can optimize your job post further. Here are the things that tech professionals look for when browsing a job posting:


Range of Salary

It makes sense that after seeing a job posting, job seekers will be most interested in the salary that it offers. It is very unlikely for a person to leave their job and accept another that pays on the same level as their last one, making the salary perhaps the most sought-after detail in every job posting.


You might have reservations in sharing this considering that you could be tipping your pay rates off to your competitors. Nevertheless, with social media and sites like Glassdoor, it’s really easy for candidates to get this information themselves based on reviews of previous and current employees.


Having a salary range in your job description will make you stand out from those who don’t display them. It can also help you in the screening process early on as it eliminates a lot of candidates that are unlikely to be willing to take your offer. How many times has this happened: an applicant going through interviews only to decline the last minute because the pay is too low for them? Having the salary known in the job posting saves you time and effort.


Schedule of Work

When it comes to the schedule, job seekers look for more than just the work hours. Always include this detail as it is very important, but you can also indicate if the work schedule is flexible or if it is remote-friendly. Having work from home jobs may be something that your company might consider. It’s one of the benefits that tech professionals look for when they're considering getting new jobs.


Work Details

Job specifics are perhaps the most important part of the job posting. For tech job postings, that means including the languages and frameworks that are most relevant to the open position. As a recruiter, you have to be able to speak and understand the language of your audience.


Be aware not just the title of the position, but also of the duties and responsibilities that come with it and the tools that they need. Don’t put in vague descriptions and give the impression that your company is unsure of what they’re looking for.


The Hiring Process

Many job seekers are taking time off from their current work to attend job interviews, and they want to know how much time they will be investing in it. It’s one of the details that they look for in a job posting, and not many recruiters do it.


Transparency is the key. Just put in the estimated number of interviews that will likely take place, who will be conducting them, and how long the process would take. It’s a simple addition but your potential candidates will appreciate it if they can prepare properly and schedule an interview based on the hiring process details that you include in the job posting. 


Have Your Job Posting Seen by the Most Qualified People


Once you’ve optimized your job posting, it’s time to put it on the best channels that will reach your potential candidates. There are a lot of generic job sites where you can post them, and it never hurts to look for more. For IT recruiters, being able to post on a job portal that has a community of IT professionals and recruiters alike is a great way of finding the right talent for that open position. is the premiere tech job portal in the Philippines. You can have your awesome job post be seen by a growing pool of IT talents in the country. can find you the most qualified people for the job based on the skills, experience, and qualifications that you are searching for. Check out our page for recruiters for more details.

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