Recruitment Tips: Top Benefits Tech Professionals Look For

Top Benefits Tech Professionals Look For


Every recruiter knows that in order to sell the company to your hiring prospect, you have to give them what they want to hear: what’s in it for them? Salary is usually the number one factor, but the benefits can give your company the edge to seal the deal. Having the usual benefits such as health care are almost always a given, but for IT professionals, there’s more to it than that. Here are some of the benefits that are best valued by tech professionals.

More Flexible Schedule

IT professionals tend to be very interested in taking freelance roles over having full-time positions at companies. This is mainly because there are a lot more opportunities for tech professionals to work part-time compared to other professions. These opportunities usually don’t require the teams to be on-site every day. This gives the employees the flexibility of working anywhere and anytime that they want. 

Evaluate your work to find these kinds of opportunities. Your team wouldn’t require its members to be on-site 24/7. Identify which tasks can be done remotely and see if you can allow the team members to work from home on occasion. This way, their schedule will be more flexible and allow them to have a better work-life balance which is a great benefit for every potential hire to consider.

Realistic Career Growth Opportunities

Career advancement is always something that every employee looks for. Let’s face it, there’s never a good enough number of opportunities that a company can provide that will satisfy and accommodate all its employees. Everyone expects that, that’s why people in each company do their best to be the most qualified person to get that next promotion. 

Lack of career advancement opportunities is commonly cited as one of the reasons why employees leave their company. You are offering them an opportunity that their previous company couldn’t — another way for their career to grow. In time, they may look for something more. Though you can’t guarantee that they’ll find what they’re looking for in your company, you can set their expectations. 

You can be transparent as early as the recruitment process. During the interview,  provide some potential career paths that they can take at the interview. When your applicants see a realistic career advancement opportunity for them, it can become a great factor for them to consider.

Opportunity to Learn New Skills

IT job seekers are looking for employers that need the skills and expertise that they can provide. It only makes sense that the more skills that they learn, the more valuable they would be. If an IT professional finds out that there’s an opportunity for them to learn technical or in-demand skills, it’s definitely something that they would consider. As a company, you’re providing yourself a solution for talent shortages and promoting an ideal learning work culture. 


Be Seen by IT Jobseekers

Having all these benefits can help you get jobseekers to accept your job offer. Getting the right jobseekers is the first step. An IT job portal like can help your company and job postings be seen by the perfect IT talents that fit your requirements. Register now!

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