How to Reschedule Your IT Job Interview


Sometimes, stuff happens. No matter how much planning we do, some things just aren’t meant to be -- and that includes your scheduled job interview. It might be the best opportunity you’ve had in your life (especially if it’s that tech job you’ve been pining for), or it may be that something unfortunate happened along the way. But don’t get your hopes up in getting that web developer or graphic designer position!

Whatever the reason is, here are a few tips to keep you from losing that big interview you shouldn’t have missed.

Draft what you’re going to say


Write it in your notes or a scratch paper. Don’t make a random phone call and make excuses on a whim. Plan out what you’re going to say, whether it’s a legitimate excuse or not. Here’s a quick tip: get to the point and don’t beat around the bush. If you’re going to make an excuse, make it short and as much as possible, don’t make it about you.


Send an email


When you’re done fixing your thoughts, be sure to send a formal email to say you wouldn’t be there. If you don’t have access to the internet, be sure to send a text message. To give it a personal touch, address it personally to the person you’ve been talking to for the interview.


Call the recruiter 


If you REALLY want to increase your chances of landing that job eventually, you might want to make it more personal by picking up the phone and making sure you voice out your concerns yourself. As much as possible, do this in advance and don’t do it a few minutes before the actual interview.


Ask and confirm the rescheduled details 


When you’ve given your excuse or reasons for missing the interview, quickly follow up the statement with a question about when their next available slot will be. When they confirm, be sure to repeat the instructions (even if it’s through email) to make sure they remember you’re serious about returning.  


Show up 


Finally, the last thing you want to do is rescheduling BUT missing the new interview schedule. Whatever you do, don’t miss your second chance!


It’s a big no-no to miss job interviews as it may give you a bad reputation for companies and recruiters in general. It’s not just that “people talk”, but the reality is, it’s easy to keep track of everything, especially in today’s digital age. Recruiters can easily blacklist you and peg you down as a no-show. Keep in mind that you’re aiming to get a shot in a tech company where they think highly of time.


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