Review: 4 Pinoy-made Apps

A simple search in App Store or Google Store already opens you to thousands of existing mobile applications in the market. You can even spend an entire day just browsing through these stores and not reach the end of the line. But why do you need to go out of the country when you can install locally-made useful mobile apps?
The Metro Manila commuter life is already stressful as it is. Most of the time you have to endure two-hour travel time that supposedly thirty minutes only. And what is even more stressful is figuring out your possible commute route to a place that is entirely alien to you. This is why you need to install on your mobile you. This helps the user to find their way in any place in Metro Manila. Imagine a Google Map integrated with the exact commuting process from walking to riding busses, trains, jeeps, or even tricycle. So, you basically have everything you need to go to the place where you do not have any slightest idea that it exists. Meanwhile, developers formed this app as their entry for the Philippine Transit App Challenge where it bagged the Open Community Award.
Pure Force Citizen App
You do not know what would happen once you leave the comfort of your home. So, it is only essential that you are prepared when an emergency happens. Boost your preparedness via installing Pure Force Citizen App on your phone. Mobile developers made this in to connect people to the nearest appropriate authority right away. The big surprise: it does not matter where you live. Manila City or BGC? Cebu City or Laguna? The app got you covered. You can already have access to ambulance, local policemen and firemen right at tips of your hands.
Manila Map and Walking Tours
Do not just confine the word, wanderlust, in the corners of your twitter or facebook bio. Make it happen. Put it into reality via exploring Manila through Manila Map and Walking Tours app. Detach yourself from the busy streets and exhausting eight-hour shift by exploring Manila and even learn places you do not even know that exist. You will have access to all tourist destinations in Manila. Programmers designed the app to tell you how to get there, too. So, you can easily navigate your itinerary and maximize your time as you rediscover Filipino history, culture, and arts.
Project NOAH
Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) is the product of collaboration between Smart Communications and Department of Science and Technology (DOST). You might have heard the news on Typhoon Haiyan and how it returned an entire city to almost dark ages in a matter of days. It does not stop there. News about super typhoons coming in and out of the country still continues. In other words, catastrophe is just right in the corner. So, where’s the harm in getting updated with latest weather news? Developers equipped the app in such a way that you can easily determine how much your area is affected by a weather event. This gives you a chance to stand against possible tragedies.
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