How to Score a Raise in Your IT Job


In case you didn’t know it yet, IT pros are the highest paid employees in the country. CNN Money ranks IT as the No.1 job with the biggest pay hike with 5.1% pay growth in a year, and a median pay of $70,900. It’s not surprising, really, to think that IT people are the most in-demand people in our tech-driven world. If you see yourself pushing yourself beyond the limits and you’ve basically been living in the office these days, it may be high time for you to ask for a raise. However, how would you go about it without sending “I want MONEY now” vibes to your superior?  We can’t deny that a good salary will increase your way of life and ease your monetary concerns. However, as much as getting a raise is living the dream, at the end of the day — it’s still a money issue. And, well, money issues are rather awkward, right?


We know IT pros are dedicated to their craft, so we’ve thought about a few ways for you to get that IT salary raise you’ve been waiting for. When it comes to these matters, you can’t just pull a Juan Tamad and wait for the raise to magically happen to you. More often than not, you have to take a brave step and ask for what you truly deserve.


Know your market value
Do you truly know what is your worth in the job market? Are you earning higher than the average developer or graphic artist? Or is it that you are earning less than most of what your colleagues are earning for twice the amount of work? Do your research specifically on salaries for IT jobs. Is your desired raise a practical move for the company? Will they be able to hire someone cheaper for the same quality of work? If you believe that getting a raise is what you truly deserve — both for your hard work and your company loyalty, proceed to the next step.

Set your mind to it
You have to know what you want and being prepared is half the challenge. Think of the pros and cons of what you are about to do. Is it feasible? How will the company see that giving you a raise will be a smart move to the company? Be prepared with documentation; it helps if you’ve got receipts of your hard work to show your boss (maybe an updated CV?). Also, if you can, have a specific amount in mind—or an amount range, at least. Don’t wait to be at that exact moment to conjure a certain number to mind. Also, be optimistic about it. You wouldn’t entice your manager to give you a raise if you’re playing the pity card the entire time. Be confident that you deserve the raise and you might just get it!

Find the right timing
Asking your manager for a raise the moment he walks in the office on a Monday morning might not work to your advantage. The same goes for hectic weeks or months; you might want to postpone your plans to make sure that all is well. Are you doing good at your work and tasks? Or would your manager cut off whatever you have to say because you have urgent responsibilities on your list? Keep in mind that a raise—despite for your eventual convenience, should also be for the company’s benefit. If you don’t know your priorities, then you might not get prioritized as well. And as a bonus tip, if the office is seemingly too toxic to talk about such matters, how about a lunch out or a trip to the cafe?

Be open to compromise
If a raise was easy to get, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Whether or not your boss or manager is open to the possibility of you getting a raise, remember that there is more than one way to reach your goal. A raise can come in many forms. You can suggest alternative motivators to keep both parties happy. How about suggesting a performance bonus or a promotion? Think negotiation and less haggling. Should your superior give you what you want in one way or another, be sure to ask for a written contract that makes certain it’s not just a promise made on a whim.

Don’t threaten to leave
The last thing you’d want to do is to “scare” your manager into thinking that you’ll resign if you don’t get the raise. At the end of the day, they will take a closer look at your intentions and possibly deduce that you’re only after the money, which may or may not seem like you’re not worth keeping. If the counteroffer strategy does work, you can’t erase the fact that you’re only staying in the company because of the moolah. If you’re taking this route, proceed at your own risk.

What if I get refused? :(

If you get a no, remember, it’s not the end. If your manager gives you an explanation why a raise is yet to be earned, then you know you can work on what you  need to and try again. However, if he or she just says a raise is impossible, it’s probably time to think about why your company would handle your concern that way without offering an explanation.


Don’t underestimate your worth as a tech pro! Getting an IT job salary raise doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for tech jobs that match your desired salary — you can search for more IT opportunities in With our special skill matrix tool, landing an IT job that will boost your career and your pockets may just be a few clicks away.

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