IT Security Jobs: High in Demand in the Philippines


With the growing population seeing a future in the IT industry, IT security is becoming ever more important. We have security guards guarding the vicinities we stay in, we have the PNP guarding the Philippines from any internal or external threat. Isn’t it safe to say that with the freedom of the internet and the vast knowledge that it offers, we can do anything we want? There are hackers widely spread around the world. Some hackers are so brilliant that they end up getting hired in government agencies to work against what got them there in the first place.


Why Cybersecurity?

A hacker’s mind works very differently, their aim is to see a weakness or a loophole in a program and use it against the program itself. The internet has so much information that can be tapped into, however there are barriers to getting access to information because some of the information is confidential. Cyber security jobs in the Philippines are starting to grow and show their worth in order to protect the user from certain external these threats and malicious attacks. The Goal of Cyber Security is to create a safe user experience when using an application of any sort. Cyber Security serves as the World’s Police force for anything Digital. This is why we need cyber security specialists to focus their attention on potential threats.

IT security jobs in the Philippines

Being a cyber security specialist is in demand in the Philippines right now and has many job openings that require cyber security specialists. Going to the website, can ease your job search so you can find your dream job with the help of out the job listings below:


  1. Security Analyst for Cambridge University Press
  2. Network Security Engineer for Caspo Incorporated
  3. Chief Information Security Officer for Capgemini
  4. SAP Security Analyst for AIG
  5. IT Security Senior Analyst for 3M




These are just five, but visit our website and you will find over 170 job posts that are related to IT security!

Put yourself on the IT industry map

If you want to get known in the IT field you have chosen to pursue, is like a specialized LinkedIn that focuses on the IT industry. It’s a great place to start as a young graduate or even as a senior executive to branch out in their fields of IT. All you need to do is to go to and sign up. It’s very easy to and you have nothing to lose! What are you waiting for?


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