How to show you’re open to new opportunities



Even if you’re happy at your current job and you don’t have intentions to leave, it’s only right that you still consider being open to new IT opportunities that should come your way. However, how would you be able to attract these potential employers when you’re perfectly fine at your post? Also, you’re not exactly thinking of leaving your company, you’re on a pretty stable career track, after all. However, there’s more to your tech career than you think.


We’ve always given advice on being prepared for those unexpected circumstances that may threaten your IT job, but this time, we want to give you tips to prepare yourself for exciting possibilities instead.


Update your online profile

We can’t stress this enough: your online profile in almost does half the job of making sure recruiters will spot your profile without second-guessing your abilities. It’s the basic solution to making sure your name is out there. That being said, be sure the CV attached to your profile is updated!

Contact details
Always include your active mobile number and your active email address. Never put a landline number you can’t answer 24/7. When you put your details on your CV or your profile, this means you have round-the-clock access to these and you’re open to a phone call or text message, and you will be able to respond via email at a decent time frame.

Subscribe to email alerts
As we mentioned in the first point, you should be visiting your mailbox everyday. Now, imagine getting firsthand info and IT offers if you subscribe to a certain website’s alerts. Turn off all the spam alerts on your phone and make your email inbox more objective; subscribe to only the necessary sites. It certainly beats having to go job searching on a handful of websites. You’ll save time and energy this way.


Make your profile readable
Is your profile too short or too long? Does it pass a Grammarly test? Don’t give recruiters a hard time reading your profile. Give them what they have to know about you, what they need from you, and make it worth their while. If they read your profile and see a bunch of non-related and nonsense text there… you might as well just erase your profile.

Use the right keywords
That being said, you HAVE to use the right keywords. Be it on your CV, your tech profile, or your cover letter — you have to be very intentional and spark interest in recruiters. Keep it classy, positive, and relevant. Check out these keywords and infuse them to your profile.


The Philippine tech industry is growing and booming and now is the time to take advantage! Step out of your comfort zone and get found by new and exciting tech opportunities. For starters, be sure to update your profile, the country’s premier IT job portal.

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