The Smart Recruiter: How to Attract IT Talents to Join Your Company


IT talent makes the world go round. It’s getting harder and harder to recruit the best people in the tech industry and it’s the same dilemma all over the world. While we cannot go door to door and preach about how the IT industry needs more talent, tech recruiters have to solve this concern head on right now: getting the perfect fit talents to join their team. The thing is, the workforce has evolved and it’s not all about money anymore. It’s not just about the free coffee or the HMO either (although that counts too, of course). The modern tech recruiter has got to be smart and savvy, and employ these tips to get ahead of the recruitment game.



  1. Sell your company
    For big tech companies, this might not be a problem; you can recruit people easier with your big brand, after all. But what happens to the rest of recruiters who work for startups and not-so-famous brands? Honestly, it’s a big role to play, but you have to make sure that you’re able to sell your company to the candidate like it’s the best thing since apple pie. Are people in your office happy employees? If yes, work on that angle. Does your office have a great working environment? Or is your office located in a really fancy business district?

  2. Growth, growth, growth
    If there’s something you already know about IT professionals is that they need certifications to be more “attractive” to potential employers. It’s not just about getting higher pay anymore — it’s about giving the people the chance to advance their careers even if they’re already working a steady job. They need to go places and explore what more they can do — inside and outside the company. When they know a company isn’t just going to slave-drive them, they’re going to be more open to considering your offer over another company. 

  3. Pay them what they're worth

    The last thing you want to do is to make an IT professional feel like they’re not worth the pay. If you would notice, all IT wages are mostly branded as competitive, and it’s within reason. If the demand is high, the expected pay is even higher — especially if they’re a hard-to-find talent (we’re looking at you System Engineers and co.). For your reference (and job seekers), you can opt to check the updated list of IT salaries according to skill and experience via the Salary Barometer which is available on our website. 

  4.  Why would they be a good fit?

    Sometimes, you have to hype them and give them a visual of their potential life in the office. To help them “see” a future in the company, give them an office tour. Brief the IT team beforehand so they can interact and convey a good company culture where they can thrive. Bonus points if your company already has a relaxation area where IT people can unwind.

  5. Ask them what they want
    Finally, maybe ask them what they really want from this job. Why are they hesitant to say yes? Why are they saying no? It’s always a must to get to know them better, just so you can get in their head and find out what really makes them happy. When you know what gets them through the day, the easier it would be for you to know how to make them stay. It’s sentimental but true. 



At the end of the day, It’s not just a tech job

You might be pulling all stops trying to make ends meet just to hit your quota, but in the end, these are people who are making a living and it’s up to you to make sure that their next job is going to be worth it. It’s up to you to give these amazing tech people meaningful jobs.


That’s why we do what we do wants to transform and help the community by supplying companies the best IT talent in the country and vice versa. We want to provide our job seekers the best opportunities available in the IT job market today. Get in touch with us to find out how else we can help you.

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