Software updates for 2017


With how fast technology is evolving nowadays, it’s only important to keep a lookout on the latest updates in tech. This will give you the right direction in your tech career. You can find out what companies to apply to or what skills or software you have to work on. Always knowing the latest news about tech will give you an edge--especially for your interviews! You could definitely impress tech recruiters with your latest tech know-how.


Apple released first gen of AR
It’s the next step in evolution. Imagine augmented reality made possible using only your smartphone or tablet. ARKit, infused with machine learning, will be able to give data without compromising its form. The user will have the experience of being mobile while the software would remain in place. In terms of mobile computing, this is nothing short of revolutionary. You can read more about it here.

3D virtual reality now possible on MS Windows 10
Last October, Microsoft just rolled out their latest updates to the Windows 10 operating system and it’s especially for PC users to experience virtual worlds in 3D. It’s called the Fall Creatures Update. You can get the update here. This will definitely change the world of entertainment!  

Intel working on super-fast AI chips
Intel and Facebook are teaming up together to make AI integration quicker with a “super-fast cihp”. Note this, Facebook is only one of the many investors who are putting their bates to create a family of AI which would be aptly named, “Nervana Neural Network Processors”. This level of investment and dedication from these tech giants are surefire ways of transforming the tech industry. If AI is set to change or break free of hardware limitations, it’s only vital that IT pros sharpen their skills to keep up with this groundbreaking progress. NNNP is actually set to roll out by the end of 2017. More info can be read here.

New collab features for popular apps
Calling all users of Facebook, Google, and Slac — because more opportunities to collaborate are finally available to you. For instance, Facebook Workplace gets a desktop chat app. Slack now features interactive screen-sharing while third party add-ons are now available to Gmail. As a tech pro, it’s vital to use these new perks for your benefit.

Google’s Pixel 2 is best for business
Not only is the new Pixel 2 phone a great smartphone, but also pegged as safe, thanks to a special security chip installed in the phone. It would be the perfect phone for business-owners as their data will least likely be compromised with the Pixel 2. What makes this security chip extremely efficient is that it’s only made to perform small, security tasks, which means there is little room for error.


As you know, these are only tips of the iceberg when it comes to tech! There are so many opportunities waiting for you and now that you have an idea how AI, VR, and AR are now set to change the world, these are but new challenges waiting for the skillful tech pro.


Read the latest tech updates and get closer to those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in!

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