Most Sought-After Programming Languages this 2018


If you check out last year’s post about most in-demand languages of 2017, you’ll notice that some of the languages listed there — even the top performing Swift, is not included in this year’s roster. The languages listed below are based on company demands via job postings. Whether you’re looking to switch careers, learn a new language, or check the latest IT hiring trends, this list would give you a fair idea of what to expect.

Check out the programming languages on the rise this 2018:

Ranking 4th in our list last year, Java has now soared to the top. Considered to be one of the oldest languages, it’s no surprise that it has achieved this status as it is used by almost all developers and devices worldwide. Designed to be flexible for developers, Java allows devs to create code that can run on any machine.

With all the talk about AI and date, Python has jumped three spots from the fifth place to second this year. This programming language is used for web development yes, but it’s also for data mining and machine learning. Python is known for its rich ecosystem and its efficiency in terms of data processing.

If Java and Python jumped places, JavaScript remains as one of the most popular languages by remaining in the top 3. Its popularity is mostly due to the fact that 80% of developers use this. In fact, 95% of websites us e JavaScript for their pages’ dynamic logic. Because of its constant demand, this may retain its status throughout the year.

A new entry in the most in demand programming language of the year is C++. Although known as a difficult language to learn, its demand in large enterprises makes it a necessity for job-seekers. This language is called an object oriented programming (OOP), and it’s meant for writing large business logics and large applications. It’s also best for long term support and maintenance.  

The C# programming language for Microsoft has dropped two spots this year compared to its ranking last year. Regardless of the lower ranking, things might be looking up for C# as version 7.2 came out last November 2017 which includes new features to help out developers (think less copying).

This scripting language might have gotten a huge boost overseas, but in comparison to our 2017 list, it managed to maintain its 6th place since last year. This is used for server-side scripting, command line scripting, and writing desktop applications. PHP supports most web servers today and is used in all major operating systems.


Considered glue language by most — which means it is designed to write and manage programs and codes that connects different software components, Perl has also gained popularity due to the fact that it is vital for network administrators.


So seeing as how the most in-demand languages have three new languages on the rise, it’s very much safe to say that this list may still continue to change within the year. Swift, R, and Rust are also popular languages this year.

The information is from, based on their number of job postings for each language as analyzed by

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