How to Spot Bad Tech Companies


There are a lot of IT job opportunities. You can find it in a simple Google search, and you might find yourself getting job interview calls and texts from potential recruiters. One thing you notice, however, is that these tech companies are unheard of. Now, we’re not saying that you should only apply for well-known companies. While some startup companies are bound to get big, it’s a fact that there are companies that are simply going to be a bad idea for your CV.


For these telltale signs that you’re about to embark in a rather bad decision, here are a few tips to help you tell a rotten apple from a diamond in the rough.


It’s all in the name
A company’s name can actually determine its future. Is it easy to say? Why was it named that way? There have been several companies abroad that closed simply because their names were hard to pronounce (think Dogpile or Cuil). It may be a tech company but it is not an enough excuse not to make their business name appealing.
Stagnant Pay
Do the employees ever get a raise or are they stuck earning minimum wage for years? Does their salary come on time? When money is an issue, it either means the company isn’t earning much or the company is simply not pro-employee. Friendly reminder: you did not spend so much money and time to beef up your programming background to settle for less! 
Poor Management
Are the managers qualified? Are they people persons? It’s a fact that most employees quit their managers or bosses. If they’re giving you unreasonable deadlines for your web or graphic designs, then maybe, it’s time to leave. Being unable to properly manage people also means that the company isn’t able to utilize their employees’ skills. That, or they don’t care and just want to make money. 

No Work-life Balance
Nowadays, this is a must for most companies. It’s easy for employees to be workaholics, and that’s a big NO for a company, especially if they want to keep them productive. Do they have happiness committees to make sure their employees aren’t just putting in over 8 hours of work? Do they have activities that can help their employees relax from time to time? The initiative to help their employees to feel satisfied in what they do is already a giveaway that your dream company is the one. 

Negative Employee Reviews
Does a simple browser search show several negative reviews from previous (or present) employees? If you see that there is overwhelmingly negative feedback for a company, maybe it’s better to think twice about applying or staying. 

Long Hours
As mentioned above, a work-life balance should be non-negotiable. When employees are expected to work unreasonably long hours on a daily basis without proper pay, you know there’s something wrong with that--especially if they’re asked to work on weekends. Over time or more than 5 days a week can hamper their productivity and happiness. Data aggregation or web development eats a lot of your energy. So, make sure you only work on regular shifts. 
Finally, does the company have piles of lawsuits against them? If such is the case, it’s time to hightail it out of there or better yet, don’t even think of staying long term, especially if you can see that the cases are specifically because of employee maltreatment or financial issues. It’s not rocket science that you should stay away from illegal activities.


Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier to actually do a little investigation before you work for a company. However, if you’re already working for a company with these horrible signs, maybe it’s time for you to move on and find better IT job opportunities.


Thanks to, finding your next tech job is but a breeze. Don’t hesitate to check any of our IT companies and apply now!


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