Straight up reasons why you’re not getting a raise

If you’ve been subscribing to our Tech Blogs, you’re possibly aware that being in the IT industry can be a difficult but rewarding industry. After all, IT pros are the highest paid in the country — and it might be that you are frustrated with your current monthly wage. You don’t feel like you’re in the IT industry because you think you’re earning less than you should. You’ve actually brought it up to your manager but have received no reaction so far. However, before being so triggered and outraged, you might want to reassess your motives.


Here are no-BS reasons why you’re not getting the raise you want.




Other people are really willing to do it for less
What may seem like a small price for such a big tech role is still something subjective to employers. Everyone has their own motivations and reasons for staying in a company and the truth is — your work load and current salary might be a junior or a fresh grad’s dream come true. Someone will always be willing to do something you can do for a lower price because that’s just the way it is.

You’re already maxed out
Other than the fact that someone is willing to do it for less, you might also need to get your facts check. Have you checked the latest ICTjob salary barometer? If not, then you better do so because you might be surprised to find out that you’ve already reached the limit of your paygrade. A higher salary might mean that you need to either max out your skills or find a different company as well.


It may be time to go
Speaking of different companies, you might be simply barking the wrong tree. There might be legit reasons as to why your company isn’t giving you what you want — and not just because you think they don’t care enough about you. It may be as simple as they can’t afford you and you’re looking for something else. When you’ve exhausted all your efforts, and you think you’re at the top of your game and deserve better — especially if your financial needs are more demanding as of late, you might need to find a better job opportunity.


So what’s the real deal?

Other than financial concerns, what are the real reasons that you are feeling unsatisfied with your pay? Are you pushing for it to the point of being unreasonable? Sometimes, it may not be your finances that frustrates you but the job itself. It could also be the manager or your work environment. It could also be just you — unwilling to budge or compromise. Maybe you’re unsatisfied with how your career path is going.


What can you do about it?
Initially, you try to improve. Learn more skills. Take the lead. Try to prove to your current company why you deserve your raise. Are you contributing to the company’s growth and know you’re indispensable? If yes, then it’s always worth a shot to bring the matter up to your superior. If you’ve gone through the diplomatic way about it, your next step might be to explore different job opportunities. Sometimes, you may need to step out of your comfort zone and seek greener pastures.


That’s what is all about

We want you to rest assured that you have a variety of IT jobs to choose from, one that rightfully suits your needs — whether it’s about the salary expectations, the job location, or a company’s core values. In fact, we can provide job posts that are relevant to your IT skills, thanks to our special skill matrix tool to help you get that almost perfect job match you’re looking for. What are you waiting for? Your next dream job might be one click away!

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