Tech Challenges To Look Out For in 2017


In today’s digital age, is it still possible to encounter tech challenges? Can tech just simply evolve and adjust to what needs to be fixed? Tech keeps on impressing you with the things it can do that normally can only happen in a fictional book. However, conflicts and challenges arise as it progresses. You may want to be prepared on what’s bound to happen, anyway, by checking out the tech challenges for this new year!



Catching up with the latest technologies

Do you have the resources to keep up with latest technologies? Can you hire programmers or web designers who are capable of maximizing the latest tools and software? Startups and established businesses especially would face the challenge of keeping up with the latest developments in tech -- may it be with new programming languages or newly-produced equipment. Still, your end line is adaptation. Being one step behind may cost your business a lot of revenues and opportunities. 2016 already proved how much technology development could happen in a year. This is why 2017 presents more possibilities compared to what you’ve witnessed last year.



Aggregating big data from different vendors

How many partner companies do you currently have? Do you have access to all the technologies that you need to continue your operations? These are just some of your primary concerns since it is highly possible that a single company cannot cover everything. Just like what is mentioned before, adapting to new trends is a must in this industry. That is basically the reason why you have partnered with different businesses to fully access new technologies. However, it would take so much big data to condense together and fit in your business operations. The challenge now is how can you aggregate the big data to become beneficial on your end.



Risks in cybersecurity

It is no news how cybersecurity plays a vital role in making the whole world function as one. This is where things become a little bit scary - the possibility of using data against you. Remember how the recent US elections were said to be rigged due to hacking. The Philippines is no different; considering COMELEC’s website has also been the target of a hacking. If you also recall, years back, hackers also gained access to personal Yahoo accounts. With just a little tweak in your programming, you could touch information that you shouldn’t be touching in the first place. Now, what would have happened if this type of sensitive data would land in the hands of someone who could shut down international business operations at once?


Massive job loss

Elimination of human jobs due to technology already moved out of the four corners of your television; it’s not considered as a fiction anymore. It is happening in real time, and it will continue to happen in days to come. Tech faces the challenge on how to handle the massive job loss it presents. There are already companies where they abandoned manpower for product development and opted for machines to do the job instead. So, mundane tasks are no longer for living persons and this could be quite alarming. How are you supposed to support your fellow human beings while maximizing tech opportunities?


Challenges in tech are simply continuous. Some may be resolved while some could happen despite all efforts to avoid it. Either way, you have to remember to keep moving forward - always forward. Are you interested in helping overcome these IT challenges? We’ll help you find opportunities that address these roadblocks in tech. Connect with us and visit our website!


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