Tech Jobs for People Who Can't Code

Are you having trouble with coding? You want a tech job but you have no idea on how to write a single script of a Python-based program? You may not be a C++ developer, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of working in a tech company. IT isn’t exclusive to programming or code, hence, here are other opportunities where you can conveniently pass on programming languages. 


SEO Specialist

Everything that you see in your Google search results are implications of the responsibilities of an SEO specialist. They establish and sustain a company’s online exposure across the globe. When you want to conquer the virtual world as an SEO, you would have to determine the right keywords to attract a higher number of audience. WIth the latest SEO tools and programs, you would be able to analyze your company’s ranking in the world wide web. 

Content Writer
Do you have a knack of explaining instructions or teaching new concepts to people? This job will allow you to compress big data into digestible info for non-experts. If you have the heart for writing and interest in technology, this might be the right route for you.

Content Strategist
Wonder why some companies have high engagement with their customers or clients? As content strategists, you would have to identify and decide on every content that your company will publish on websites, social media platforms, business proposals, and various marketing materials. You would have to constantly make sure that your company’s presence is visible and efficient both online and offline. In other words, you don’t have to code like a C++ developer to the same perks from a tech company.

User Interface Specialist
Don’t let the word “interface” scare you; it doesn’t mean you have to code. You’ll need to put on your creative hat instead. You’ll be in charge of designing websites, computer software, and mobile applications while establishing a user-friendly interface. Your visual skills is vital to implement smooth, human-computer interaction.

Program Manager
Organizational and management skills are your greatest assets if you want to pursue this tech career. You may not be fixing programming error messages but your job is still way beyond easy. You will be in charge of handling a number of projects at the same time. You will also produce product strategies and make sure that your company meets its objectives. The success of your company’s business operations will be your core responsibility.  

Are you aiming to practice a tech job that does not include any codes? It’s more than possible, especially in the country’s growing tech industry. There might be a job hiring in Makati, so visit and find your non-programming tech opportunity!









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