Tech Recruiter Tips: Job Interview Etiquette

Tech Recruiter Tips: Job Interview Etiquette


While we know that applicants must be at their best during their application process with potential employers, the same actually goes for tech recruiters. It’s not as simple as posting job ads and asking them to come in during your availability. 


Here’s the memo for new and existing tech recruiters:


Make job posts accurate to the job description
Avoid misleading candidates with your job posts just to get more applicants to apply or click on your job posts. Be clear with your requirements and expectations. Don’t be surprised if they suddenly back out or don’t show up from a potential job offer or interview.

Acknowledge submitted CVs or resumes
More often than not, candidates actually put their efforts into sending their CVs to employers. For others, it may be a risk or their semblance of hope, and any word from your end — especially one that acknowledges their submitted resume is a big deal to them. Letting them know you have received and will review their skills and experience for a job post will be encouraging to them as an applicant.

Update candidates about their application status
While it’s easier to just ignore candidates who didn’t pass your qualifications, as per #3, it’s a must to treat them well and that may mean that you shouldn’t leave them hanging. Don’t be surprised if even after the given time frame, they still keep on asking you for updates because the chances are — you called them first. It’s not enough that they “get the hint”. Candidates give their time, effort, and money to get to these interviews and they would be a huge favor if they know their status instead of them hoping for nothing.

Leave a positive image of the company — whether hired or not
Regardless of their accomplishments or their skill level — everyone from the office is the company’s brand ambassador and should treat everyone well, especially applicants. Whether they get hired or not — they will be leaving with an impression of the company, and it better be a good one. 


Being a tech recruiter isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s possible to give applicants a good experience with your company — whether they end up being hired or no, no matter how big or small the rolet. Each interview is a test and it’s up to you to improve or get a really bad company review.

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