Tech Recruiting Cost

The IT industry has taken the spotlight in terms of having the most highly rewarding salaries in the job market. Simply said, the more skills the candidate has, the higher his or her expected pay would also increase. If you want to know whether a job applicant is asking too much or too small, here’s a guide to help you out.


How much is their usual asking rate?

Generally speaking, junior executives can earn over P37,000 on a monthly basis. Supervisors expectedly earn more, almost twice the cost at over P68,000 per month. IT managers, for instance, earn at least P766,492 per year. In fact, IT manager salaries can be increased as much as 5-25% if they know additional skills such as Microsoft Exchange, Network Management/Administration, or Oracle.


What about their years of experience?

When it comes to recruiting IT professionals, work experience is a big plus, but don’t expect for anyone to have beyond 20 years of experience. Compared to seniors in other professions, you might be surprised to find younger candidates applying for these IT manager jobs and qualify because of their knowledge. For instance, if they have additional skills such as SQL,Windows Operating System General Use, or Microsoft SQL Server, you can expect for them to be asking for higher monthly salaries than your usual manager.


When you want to hire the best fit

You can only imagine the hardships students go through to be masters in their field. Getting a degree in the IT field is no joke, and if you’ve been recruiting IT pros for a while, you’ll know exactly why these iT jobs are so popular and at the same time, so hard to fill. If you’re looking to hire someone who’s a perfect fit for the job, it’s best to find someone the company is willing to pay for his or her desired rate with the skills to match.


It’s always an exciting journey, especially in IT’s booming and growing industry. If you want to get the professionals that will meet and exceed your expectations, can make your job easier. With our amazing pool of IT talents, you’ll find the exact applicants you need for your company. Let us help you out!


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