Why Tech Support? A Closer Look for Junior Job Seekers


Are you new to the IT industry or are you just about to join this exciting field of tech? If you don’t know where to start, we have one suggestion: tech support. Tech support may seem overrated, but it remains to be a constant demand in all business verticals.


A business essential
Technical Support is a crucial part for the sustainability of a business. It can be considered as a type of customer relations that aims to offer help in certain times when the customer has some queries about the product or service that they have purchased. Tech support was created to as part of a company’s organizational structure to add a better experience for the customers and to serve as a solution for the company to handle the issues that the customers have.


Tech support makes the organization more efficient because of these two reasons:

  1. It segments the organization. It makes a group of people focus on a certain task that is key in creating order in the company. This way of management uses the concept of economics that states when people focus on one task, they become more efficient than to multi-task. The tech support department can have a manager that focuses on the specific tasks to manage and improve the systems of the tech support department; this in turn creates more IT related jobs that can be offered. Without tech support the company will wither apart because of the lack of a system that can tackle the queries. This is very crucial. To execute well, as stated by Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy in their book, Execution (2002), a company needs to have a balanced “system, operations, and a people process”.

  2. Exellent training ground. Tech support can be more than an adequate place to sharpen one’s IT skills as it requires IT pros to think on their feet and find solutions for real-time problems. It’s a good place to learn — especially for interns and juniors specifically. Being a part of a tech support team lets you learn and be familiar with the background of each business department. This may mean more opportunities for you in the future!


Tech support is an important department that junior job seekers can get themselves into because of the vast experiences they can acquire in its broad scale. ICTjob.ph offers you just that, the ability to find the right tech support job that you need.

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