Things to Know Before Taking an IT Degree


Have you heard of someone who didn’t have to go to college to be a programmer? It might be a surprising concept to most, but for most web developers didn’t have to take a degree to land their current jobs. Apparently, there’s more to the college-dropout-turned-IT-magnate (e.g. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc.) However, instead of just opting to ditch school or get the first computer-related course out there, here are a few things to consider!

It’s true; you can learn computer languages without a college degree

There are a lot of open sources where you can learn, use, and edit free frameworks, be is PHP, MySQL, MongDB, and more. Considering that everything is continuously evolving and updating in the tech industry, a school’s curriculum might not be on par with what you can learn online.

You will never stop learning

That being said, even if you do opt to learn on your own and think you’re free from school, such is not the case. As mentioned above, you will always have to learn and stay in tune with the latest news and advancements in technology. That means you will still have to pour a significant amount of time learning and testing and training yourself. At most, if you really have passion for web development, you can be fluent in languages in under a year.  

Universities will teach you other skills

As much as skipping college may appeal to you, the truth is, universities will still teach you other skills that you cannot learn on your own. This can be multitasking, socializing, learn how you can study better, and of course--building connections with people. You will expand your experience in a university; consider it a test drive before you dive into the real world.


Business course/marketing


If you want to still take a degree and learn programming, a wise course of action is to take a business or marketing course. Learn this during the day and self-learn programming by night. It’s not going to be an easy job, that’s why you have to have the passion to code and learn on your own. So if you want to be doubly productive and be a real catch for recruiters, this is the way to go. Learning how to do business is a great strategy to give you that “edge” and will make you stand out from other programmers.


If you’re still undecided, it’s best to consult people who have been in the tech field for long. The greatest advice still comes from vast experience. That’s why is your #1 resource when it comes to IT jobs and tips.


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