Things you might be doing that make it difficult to recruit tech talents

Things you might be doing wrong in tech talent recruitment


Finding and recruiting ideal job candidates, especially tech talents, is quite the challenge. HR professionals worldwide know these struggles, but it should also be considered that there might be other ways to have successful hires despite the challenge.


There are a lot of factors why it’s hard to find and hire tech talents, but in many cases, the main reason would be the shortage of IT professionals. Even so, there are still a lot of current developers actively looking for jobs - and even more developers who are interested in looking into new job opportunities. For best results, you might need to check your strategies as some of them might be causing you difficulty in tapping into this specific talent pool. Check out the list below:

Unfamiliarity with the skills that come with the tech position

The tech industry, even being a specialized section of the population, has its own niches. It’s really important that recruiters understand the tech position they’re trying to fill. This is very applicable to HR professionals being assigned to tech recruitment without proper background and understanding of the essential skills for said roles. 


This is why learning the skills and experience needed for every tech position is important. For instance, what is the difference between front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers? What specific languages should they know? This way, you can write the perfect job description to match the skills and experience that you are looking for. You don’t have to be an expert - knowing the basics should do the trick.

Not looking into what the tech talent wants

It’s completely understandable for a recruiter to be unfamiliar with tech roles - it’s more like having a specialty or a field. But after getting a potential candidate for a position, regardless of the specialization, understanding what the tech talent wants is something that every recruiter should know about.


The usual factors are there: their motivation, the compensations and benefits that they want for the job, the dealbreakers, and such. Of course, the most important thing that you have to agree upon with the candidate is the salary that they want, including the bonuses.

Looking in the wrong places

As mentioned earlier, tech talents are a specialized bunch. Yes, you can find tech talents on job sites, but as a recruiter, you have to be creative and realize that there are more places where you can find them. Github is perhaps the most popular online community for IT professionals. You can also try IT community forums, and participate in IT community events such as job fairs.


Sometimes, you don’t even realize that you already have the best resources. Taking advantage of employee referral programs is very effective in the IT industry. Many developers belong to a community related to their own field of expertise. You may already have recruited a lot of people that know other experts that are perfect for the positions that you are trying to fill in. You just have to give them an incentive so that they’ll be more proactive in referring them. 

Not taking advantage of an ICT job portal

One of the best places that recruiters can find a pool of IT experts is at ICT job portals. is a professional network of IT talents and HR professionals. Jobseekers can add the roles and IT skills that they have mastered to their profile.


This ensures that the jobseeker’s profiles can be seen by recruiters that are looking for those specific skills and experience that match the IT roles that they have open. For recruiters, you can contact us and find out how you can join our growing IT community in the Philippines.


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