Things tech recruiters wished you knew


Have you ever wondered what tech recruiters are thinking during interviews? Some of them have mastered their poker faces and getting harder and harder to tell whether you said the right thing or not. Worry not, for here’s a sneak peek into their thoughts and hopefully, this will help you figure out what to improve or work on for your next interview!

You read beyond our homepage? Marry me.

I like it when you know about our company
Recruiters just love it when you actually took the time to read about the business and you’re not there just because you don’t have a job. In the same way you just don’t want to be a “number” in a company, so do recruiters don’t want to feel like they’re like the other companies you apply to.

You just want me for my money.

It’s weird when you want the job without questions asked…
Recruiters could tell if you’re willing to soul for a job. Say, if you’re ready to sign a contract even without reading it, as long as you get the job. Remember, there’s a difference between being passionate and desperate. And, well, desperate isn’t sexy — even if it comes to job-hunting.

Don’t make me quit you.

I want you to look into my eyes
If this were a phone or video interview, a recruiter would care less about your attention span. But if you’re in a personal interview, you have to give your full attention. Are you in the right headspace? Are you even interested to be here? How can they tell if you’re sincere if you’re not bothering to make a connection? How about you ask  the questions once in awhile?

Tell me something I’ve never heard before. #bored

I wish you thought the job was more interesting than the benefits
Seriously. Do you think recruiters haven’t heard that song before? They want to know more than what you can get from them and more of what they can get from you.


Surprise me.

It’s a long shot but I wish you had a plan for the job
If you want to impress a recruiter, how about having a proposed plan of action even before you get hired? What are your plans once you get accepted? What would you do differently to improve your output to help the company? The options are are endless and you can bet you’ll leave a mark on a recruiter’s mind if you have this in your sleeve!

Reaching out is our language.

Call me, maybe?
Chances are, you’re only one of the many people the recruiter will interview today. You might just do them a favor if you pick up the phone and do a follow-up on your application. Who knows? You might speed up your own application if the recruiter sees that you’re very interested in the job beyond the interview.

Seriously, we just want to do our job and hire someone.

I hope you’re the one
When you get in the interview room, just take a deep breath and relax. We’re not set out to make you fail, but you’ve got to keep giving us the right answers to land this job. At the end of the day, we just really want someone who will fit the role to a T. It’s going to be a challenging quest, but only they can make miracles happen.

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