Tips to Sharpen your Programming Skills


When you need to land top IT jobs, you’ve got to have the creds to actually do it. Thankfully, you can practice your programming skills and be a real catch in the industry. Harness your brain activity with these:


Judging from its name, you probably have an idea what this practice site’s going to be about. If you’re up for a little bit of competition and learn Clojure, CoffeeScript, Haskell, Ruby, and Python, this is the best site for you. In order to join, you would have to “prove your skills”. Solve katas, learn a new language, compete. Pretty exciting! 


This online course isn’t only free, but it’s also fun! Course your way through HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript right on your browser. Unlock 82 skills by going through “checkpoints” in the lessons. Take note, all the “fictitious” projects in Dash are short and relevant -- so it’ll totally be useful in the long run!

Ruby Quiz

Practice on a weekly basis with various Ruby Quizzes. Subscribe to the Ruby Talk mailing list and you’ll get a challenge every week. A 48-hour no spoiler period will follow the quiz, and afterwards, all participants would be invited to give their solutions and discuss the quiz. It might be an interesting experience to get in touch with other programmers across the globe. 

Mind Cipher

If you need a little breather from constant programming but need to exercise your brain, this is the best place to go. There might be no programming involved, but it contains all the necessary puzzles and brain teasers to challenge your mind. There just isn’t any other hobby that’s more perfect for a programmer. 

Start own projects

The most practical and useful way to practice is to go out there and start freelancing. Start with friends or family who need the help, or simple do personal projects where you’ll be able to apply your skills. Eventually, this might earn you money in the long run. 

Your IT computer jobs are going to be a breeze with these activities! Keep practicing your skills and be part of the country’s most impressive pool of IT talents. Create your CV with us now and find the best IT jobs online in



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