Top 10 Most Applied IT jobs in the Philippines celebrated its first birthday, and aside from this particular milestone, it’s only right to take a closer look at IT pros and their activity in our website the past year. We’ve checked our data and the numbers have spoken. Check out the list below!

These results are based from number of applications from May 2016 to May 2017.




What does this say about IT professionals?

If this data tells us something, it’s that IT professionals are aiming for higher positions. Tech support engineers, project managers, analysts, and testers would require certain certifications and more skills for qualification. This also shows that tech pros no longer wished to be boxed in usual IT roles. They want to share their experience and they want to lead.

How does this translate to the Filipino IT community?

The industry is only getting stronger and bigger because of both increasing demands for specific skills and its growing pool of tech talents. With the right mix of technology, software, creativity, and other tech know-how -- IT people are the ones who make things happen. They keep corporations and other industries running smoothly. This would, in turn, profit both the economy and its people.

Why we’re here is determined to keep providing job hunters more IT career opportunities. At the same time, we also strive to provide recruiters with the best talents in the country. Together, we should strive to keep the IT community at top speed.


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