Top 5 Things to Do After Learning Code


So you’ve just learned a programming language. What’s next?


Have you visualised yourself earning the big bucks not too long after you graduated from your local university.The fact is, there are countless job opportunities in the tech industry, and you may be a little overwhelmed by all the choices that you might not know your next step!


Hence, here are a few things to consider before you make a major career move:


Learn another language

Learning a new code might paint you a more attractive candidate to IT job recruiters. Considering not everyone has the luxury to study again, you can keep cheat sheets at bay to keep you afloat. You can try the website for this. There you can find cheat sheets for Python, PHP, CSS, RegEx, Ruby, MySQL, etc. And speaking of Ruby, you might want to learn languages that will be expected to gain popularity in the near future. Other languages you can invest time on learning are Swift by Apple, Groovy, and R.


Try startup companies

Lack the necessary experience for your dream job? Startup companies may be the answer for you, especially if you’re fresh from school. Although these companies are young, you’ll be able to learn new things and wear different working hats to help add value to your already awesome IT skills.  


Know which jobs pay the ???

You can do your own research and ask your IT friends/gurus, but if you’re going to take it from how it is in the US, jobs that bring in the dough are:


  • Lead Developers -- earning over $100,000 mean salary
  • SharePoint Developers -- earning at least $100,000 mean salary
  • iOS/.NET/Oracle/Java Developers -- earning over $90,000 mean salary
  • C#/Application/Database/SAS Developers -- earning over $85,000 mean salary


Go freelance

Don’t want to be tied down on one job? A lot of independent IT peeps often use their skills for their own businesses. Taking contractual projects from clients is also a common trend, especially for those who work prefer to work from home.


Finally, be true to yourself

It may sound a bit melodramatic to add to a tech list, but according to an IT recruiter, it’s pretty easy to spot candidates who lie about their IT knowledge. If you’re serious about landing a tech job, be confident about your skills and be transparent about it on your CV.


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