Twitter introduces “Advanced Muting Options” to Lessen Bullying

Because muting and blocking people isn’t enough to curb online bullying, Twitter has added Advanced Muting Options to their app.


Twitter, like other social media sites, are often used as a ground for people to verbally abuse and harass other users, mostly by people who hide behind anonymous Twitter handles and monikers. With Advanced Muting, not only can you mute people, but hashtags, too! #TooBad, trolls. To add to that, it provides a more specific way to call out these abusers, whether you’re directly victimized, or even if you’re just a witness.


Twitter said, “The amount of abuse, bullying, and harassment we’ve seen across the internet has risen sharply over the past few years.”


As other famous social media sites continue to struggle in providing people their rights to free speech and protecting their users, Twitter said it would continue to “keep listening” to their users in order to make their experience better and “more comprehensive over time”.


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