Ultimate Recruiters' Guide: Developer Languages



What’s the major fear of new recruiters when they are supposed to hire IT pros?

Simple: it’s having minimal experience in tech! This is just something not a simple client briefing would accomplish. Even if the job description can serve as your cheat sheet, how would you know that they would be able to accomplish beyond their expect roles if you’re not aware of what else they could do?

Seasoned recruiters also face the same dilemma — what makes you sure that your current IT knowledge is up to date? Should you keep expecting IT pros to give the same answers every time? Just as technology is always evolving, so is IT lingo!



Developer languages can get very confusing for some,

so we've made it simpler through our Ultimate Recruiters' Guide! 


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Once you get all familiarised with these terms, it will be easier for you to navigate through interviews and mountains of tech CVs. It would help to do your own research and read about these terminologies yourself and in time, you would understand all of these by heart!

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All data in this research is based from researched data by ICTjob.ph.

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