Update Your CV While Employed!


Contrary to popular belief, your CV should be updated all the time -- not just when you’re looking for a new job. Your CV should be an extension of your career, so it only makes sense that its progress is in sync with yours. It’s not cheating on your current company if you want to keep an updated profile. If you need a little more convincing, here are five other reasons why you should update your CV even if you’re still employed.


You have an open door for opportunity.
Even if you’re not looking for a new job, it doesn’t mean you have to completely shut off yourself from the rest of the world. The IT industry is growing so much in the country, and you can only imagine what greater things await you. New job titles, new positions, new companies -- you can never tell what the future holds. Who knows, you might get a call from your dream company? Who knows, it may be time to move on from your company and face new career adventures!

You’re ready for an award or a promotion.
So let’s say that you’re not planning to leave your company. Your manager might need an updated copy of your CV if they’re considering you for a more senior position or better yet, a company award. Give them a helping hand; update your CV and don’t make them wait!

You can keep track of your progress.
Have you recently attended seminars or gained new IT certifications? You wouldn’t want to forget to include that in your accomplishments. You might also be doing more than just your designated tasks, so you would want to make sure to include it in your resume.

You’ll remain engaged and motivated.
Updating your CV keeps sharp. When you know what you’re doing and what other things you can still do apart from your tasks, you’ll be on your toes. You would want to make sure that your CV is polished and ready for whatever need be. You will also be reminded of what you should keep doing and hopefully, give you enough push to aim higher.

You just have to be ready for anything.
Finally, you can’t deny that you have to be prepared -- not just for positive things, but anything that can happen to your company or anything regarding your performance at work. Finding another job is way easier and will make you more confident if you know you’re ready to submit your CV in a click. You wouldn’t have to keep recruiters waiting just so you have enough time to update your resume.


The thing is, you never know what’s in your future. Updating your CV even if you’re employed will only work for your benefit. Don’t shy away from potential opportunities that may come your way. Keep your career options open and let your CV take you to different, new heights.

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