Ways to Handle IT Job Interview Questions


Stress is already the surname of job interview. But what makes it even worst is if you did not land the job you’ve been dreaming to have. Any position that you are eyeing needs to have an interview with the employer. It does not matter if you have an interview anxiety or anything. It will happen. The interview will proceed. And if you are aiming for a tech job, the industry practices a slightly different interview questions. You may want to consider these points before going to your job interview.


What will you do if you are going to do a project that requires a technology you do not know?

In a tech job, it is mandatory to catch with the never ending technological evolution. Updating and upgrading will always be the way of life for employees in a tech company. And this question is your employer’s chance to see that fire within you. If they fail to recognize that, then they will not be hesitant to let you go. The only way to address this is through admitting to yourself that there are things that you cannot do on your own. This is where you highlight your drive to challenge yourself in any possible way. You may also consider to present that you are welcome to constructive criticisms from people who are fluent with the technology. Initiative to learn will always be the key.

How will you solve this programming problem?

This question presents you two possible stressful situations. The first one is they’ll provide you a computer then you need to code right in front of them. But if you are lucky, then you will just discuss orally how to solve certain issues in coding. Well, it will be better not to take your chances and just be prepared in any scenario you might face. Your best option for this is not to put any skills in your CV or resume that you cannot do. You do not need to pretend to be good in animation when you’re really skilled in web design. Focus on showcasing what you are only capable of contributing in the company.

What’s the least technology you are interested in?

Do not get flustered with this question. You probably have encountered it but with this construction: what are you weaknesses? Your best way to handle this is to be honest but not too honest. How are you supposed to do that? Make sure to discuss comprehensively why you do not like a certain technology. But be mindful not to mention any of their product or you will find your application form in the trash bin. For example, you may to start why your heart does not go for C++ programming but end it smoothly with how you are willing to level up your game by learning it.

How do you make sure that your tech skills are up-to-date?

For fresh graduates, this will be a piece of cake. You have free opportunities to study latest technologies through seminars or lectures hosted by your university. But for someone who has been in the industry, this will be a tricky question unless you’re taking higher classes. The only way out for this tech job question is to make sure to further your education especially for programmers and data scientists. Attending boot camps or even conducting your own programming lectures will be an advantage to successfully answer this question. But if you did not attend any of it, then you can talk about your future plans for studying other languages. It is after all your duty to stay updated since technology is continuously progressing.

What’s the most creative way you can break a clock?

You did not read the last question wrong. It is a real question for aspiring employees in a tech company. This question was given to an intern applicant in Apple. For Microsoft, they asked an applicant on what product he loves that suffers from a bad marketing strategy and how to fix it. You are not getting away from brain teaser questions especially if you wish to have a tech job. This is where your employers will test your creativity and analytical skills. You best attack for this kind of question is to clarify first whether you understood the question right. Then you can start answering it based on your own perspective but make sure you observe logical arguments. Your past experiences might be a great help too!


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