Yes, it's possible to artifically boost Twitter trends


Some companies in Saudi Arabia can boost popularity of certain hashtags in Twitter to make them trend, according to a BBC investigation. With just about $200, these bots can make your hashtag trend for a few hours.

For business-owners who want instant exposure to Twitter's millions and millions of active users, this may seem like easy success, but of course, this is illegal and goes against Twitter rules.

What does it mean to "trend" in Twitter anyway? When a certain hashtag trends on Twitter, it is a gauge of how many users are talking or tweeting about said topic. It's also a reflection of how many times that the hashtags appear in people's feeds. That is why some companies go as far as to pay Twitter to make certain hashtags trend for a wider reach across the globe.

Due to the findings of this investigation, Twitter claims to be committed to making sure that these fake bots are found out to avoid further system manipulation.

Do you still think Twitter is a reliable source of information?

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